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Climite change more beeting for non-defense country -itget stronger weight. Obvioslt UN GS A.Guteirish ‘ll can toi use situation whne Russian as follover of S\Arabia decreasing oil minig. 2\2. Ativity secret services it’s not economical growth. Before campaingn Putin attanttion on S\Service -we need wait yet.

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Change Hostages -very good procces. It goes. 2\2, So-called dedollarisation (second) of R\economy under the press\push snactions have a results: more the %)$ currency circulation is out the MoEx, ie. in particulary is abroad off shore. So Bank Russia need to by currency spending roubles.

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HAMAS’s hostages re bringign bahavour charhge.

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2x-Twt need to study together. 1. India build own jetfighter. Cingrate! 2. Weapo & co-suffering. PS. U have harvest 79 M.t.grain 20 of them for eat. Therefore… Here we can see gap Graindeal since 17 of Julay 2023.. 2/ How enemyeis use whether. Listen tinaight.

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Gender violence have a base\reason shovomiszm -benefor one gender over another. 2\1. Golodomor has silent in Soviet & after historiogaphy. 1\2. Сегодня по побудке была мысль в мозг: «У осужденных больше прав,чем у меня»! Вау. Значит ли этой Кара-Мурза, Навальный, Яшин и же с ними имеют все права, положенные осужденные по закону? Вообще, следует вяснить:… read more »

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I. Despote the warin East — EU justtrenthenen. conseually U pull Europe for itself. Simome says how they tripped. II. Интересно какие ()денег просит КНДР- главный возмутить спокойствия в СВА, которая с Укр.историей получила преференции? Нелегкий вопрос. PS. How 3 U.drons achieved Volgogradsk.oblast & may be Astrahan? Therefore nearfront oblasts are passing they. It’s impotatnt… read more »

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Первую подборку слеудет трактовать как принуждение обеих сторон к пермирию для целей избежания гуманит.катастрофы. Значит.жостижение, когда был подключен регион. 2я подборка может смахивать на «слив» информации в прессу, хотя, на самом деле, булавка м.б.оружием, ну, типа ножа (политич). PS. Vl.Putin didn’t say when he was im Bejin about method payment with Ghina. Make sure avuot… read more »

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Is Kreml want to use Minsk in U.story — Osipovotchi nuacler under USA control. 2\1 Gert Wilders want to lead Goverment. 2\2. How RF tresuary loan -during 15 yh.!

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EU granted E5Bn to Poland for postcoviduan expeduteres. Althouh Binance left RF it had sanctions from US tresuary. 2\1. Serb’s population’ll have more autonomy uot of Belgrad. PS. Deal: Hostages hange on a peace temporary.

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I. R.T.Erdagan arrived into Ashkhabad. 2. Boris Pistorius have visit into U.